Classes will be delivered in Campione d’Italia, Galleria Civica, Piazzale Maestri Campionesi (in front of the Casino)

Sunday 6
14.30 Opening session
14.31 S.Moretti – Protocols for cost sharing on networks (I): a cooperative approach
16.30 G.Gambarelli – Algorithms for Political and Financial Applications of Power Indices
Monday 7
09.00 S.Moretti – Protocols for cost sharing on networks (II): a non-cooperative approach
11.00 M.Dall’Aglio – Algorithms for fair division: one completely divisible good
Tuesday 8
09.00 M.Dall’Aglio – Algorithms for fair division: several completely divisible and indivisble goods
11.00 E.Algaba – Algorithms in Cooperative Game Theory
15.00 L.Gourves – Congestion games
Wednesday 9
09.00 L.Gourves – Quality of equilibria (price of anarchy/stability)
11.00 M.Serna – Pure Nash Equilibria: complexity versus succinctness
Thursday 10
09.00 G.Greco – Game theoretic techniques for mechanism design
11.00 M.Serna – Computational issues in Simple and Influence games
15.00 G.Greco – Computational complexity of solution concepts
Friday 11
09.00 V.Fragnelli – Integer solutions for bankruptcy games with non-integer claims
11.00 G.Greco – Structural decomposition methods and applications to game theory
12.59 Closing session

Other activities could be added, including scientific complements and social events.
As in the previous years running sessions will take place: bring your running shoes and suite!